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Soil Removal Engineered To Perfection

Hygienic Surface Cleaner –

For Superior Soil Removal with Microfiber

Microfiber cleaning cloths and mops revolutionalized cleaning, but demands careful attention to the type of chemistry employed as a partner-solvent.

Traditional surfactants and quaternary disinfectants will degrade and destroy microfiber within just a few use-wash cycles. Happily, there is Envirotab HSC to break the protein that binds soil in place.

Traditional detergents employ surfactants that bind to soil and allow for suspension in water, these ingredients are slippery and somewhat slimy. Microfiber, on the other hand, uses friction to clean, so slippery and slimy is the LAST thing you want. Envirotab HSC breaks down soils and proteins, delivering the highest degree of soil removal. Envirotab HSC comes in reusable tubs of 100 x 1g tablets, with each tablet creating a quart of cleaning solution.

Synergy Soil Break Capture & Consume –

Every Surface, Every Time, Everywhere

Introducing 3 more products designed specifically for microfiber:

Soil Break: For hard surface cleaning & soiled traffic lanes.

Capture: For hard surface cleaning & carpet extraction.

Consume: Eliminates organic surface & sub-surface soils.

Synergy SB Concentrates allow housekeepers and contract cleaning professionals to carry [potentially] hundreds of quarts of RTU product with them in just three ready-to-dilute concentrated bottles. These three products are particularly unique, being suitable for use on any hard surface area, like kitchens, dining and bathrooms while also perfect for carpet pre-treating, traffic lane pre-spraying and low-moisture cleaning or extraction.

Bio-Clean & 3-D Mop Kit –

The Perfect Profiled Surface Mop

Please don’t leave this page before viewing the video at the bottom of this page, showing how this phenomenal tool breaks soil free from profiled floor surfaces and grouted tile floors.

The bristles can break soils free from deep within grout lines and around rubber profiles, while the highly absorbent microfiber pad soaks up the soiled water.

High Grade Microfiber –

Without the High Grade Price

Let us be clear about our microfiber cloths and mops. We have no interest in competing with the ‘throw-away’ towels sold by your local dollar store or auto parts dealer.

We only offer top quality cloths with hundreds wash cycles.

When buying microfiber, you need to know its GSM – grams/ square meter. A minimum of 300gsm should ensure that you will have durable cloths that will hold up under regular cleaning and washing.

Our cloths come in a variety of sizes and colors, trims and pile lengths so you get the best results from your wiping action.

Synergy Pre-Soak & Wash –

Keeping Microfiber in Peak Conditioning

Traditional Detergents DESTROY Microfiber!

Household detergents are heavily-laden with fragrances, which means oils.

Oils clog and destroy the ability of microfiber to create friction and scrape soils from surfaces. Bleaches burn microfiber extruded fibers and melt them into a horrible mass.

Synergy Micro Pre-Soak & Wash delivers a cleaning potency that is noticeably superior to common residential laundry detergents. I contains neither dyes nor fragrances, works well in any temperature, to blast both soils and bioburden from the extruded fibers of the microfiber. Furthermore, Synergy Micro can be boosted and even supplemented with Chlorine Dioxide solutions to sanitize.

CHITO by Synergy Products –

Proactive Protection Done Right

Disinfectants are great, but BOY are they LIMITED!

Disinfectants can only work while they are wet, and in the case of many, if not rinsed from the surface, their residue can be toxic to humans and pets.

Our plan is to use all-natural ingredients to create an enduring protective biostatic coating on any surface.

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