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For Topical Mold & Mildew Removal

Addressing the Stain & Odor From Mold & Mildew

Addressing the Stain & Odor From Mold & Mildew

Envirotab Eradicator

Chlorine Dioxide from a Tablet

Synergy Eradicator is essentially our commercial/retail version to compete with the ready-to-use products which are essentially “bleach in a bottle” for big bucks. Our version is about 1/4 the cost.

In addition, the solution produced by Eradicator tablets produces so small a molecule that it can travel into depths far beyond that of diluted bleach products, and ensure that the stains never return.

Each Eradicator kit contains (16) 4 gram tablets, perfectly matched with our Synergy SB Cling foaming agent.

Add a single tablet to 1 Liter of water in our pump foam sprayer, let dissolve for 1-2 minutes then add 2 oz of Cling and agitate. What results is a product that can be sprayed on any surface, horizontal or vertical and you will get incredible dwell-time to destroy and eliminate the mold.

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Synergy SB Cling Foam Agent –

Generating Thick Foam from ClO2

Think about it.

Mold and mildew are almost inevitably seen on vertical surfaces, right? And when you apply a traditional liquid bleach product you have to spray over and over again to keep it wet long enough to see the visual effects of the product.

With Synergy SB Cling, you can create a thick foam that takes any solution of up to 500 ppm ClO2 and make it stick like glue.

Synergy SB Cling comes in 6 x 32oz bottles with 1oz measuring cups built right into the bottle. Simply measure out 2 oz to add to any concentration (100-500ppm) of ClO2 to use for everything from sanitizing foodservice and dairy equipment to disinfecting rinse-able items requiring careful sanitation scrutiny.

And of course, the mold & mildew uses discussed here.

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Portable Pump Foam Generator –

For Quick Spot Applications

Trigger sprayers and aerosols beware.

The second most common cause of workplace injury among professional cleaner is Repetitive Stress Injury

And the most repetitive action in cleaning comes from squeezing of spray triggers. This need not happen.

Cleaners don’t just buy aerosols for their ‘grab and go’ convenience; it is also because of the pressure and propellant that creates great foam.

Now, remediators, cleaners and detailers no longer need to stress their hands or pay big bucks for aerosols when they switch to our Pump Foaming Sprayer. This rugged, convenient delivery system takes any of our Envirotab or Synergy products, with just a few pumps, turns any diluted solution into a clinging, foaming cleaning product.

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